Custom Welding and Fabrication Services in Denver, CO

For top-quality, experienced plastic fabrication services, make your first and only call one to Custom Plastic Design Industries. We’re widely-known for our expansive capabilities when it comes to all things involving custom plastic fabrication and welding. We can also provide you with the metal welding and repair services you might need, as well.

Plastic Fabrication Services

When you trust Custom Plastic Design Industries for plastic fabrication in Denver, CO, expect that we’ll take your design to the highest level. Whatever the design, whatever the specifications, we’re ready to get to work, to bring your idea to life.

We also have a large inventory of high quality plastics that includes Polypro, high and low density polythene, PVC, PCDF, FRP and many more. Whether you’re looking for smaller fabrication for one-off items or you need a limited-run of plastic tanks in Denver CO, our fabrication designs are engineered to last a lifetime.

We’re also able to make weld repairs to existing plastic items. Cold weather, improper protection from UV rays and chemical contamination can all affect the life of plastics. We have the proper knowledge and necessary equipment to make quality repairs. We employ advanced welding techniques to create repairs with the tightest bonds, which can be expected to last for extended periods of time in the harshest environments.

Metal Welding and Repair

We specialize in fabrication of all types of materials, including metals such as stainless steel, aluminum and titanium. Bring your items to our shop for in-house welding done to spec or give us a call and take advantage of our mobile welding services, designed to provide prompt repairs without disrupting your already-instituted items.

Our clients have come to depend on our expertise and reliable services. Don’t chance your next plastic fabrication or metal welding project! Instead, choose Custom Plastic Design Industries for reputable service and unparalleled products. Give us a call today at 303-431-1411.